Lutherans understand marriage to be both a human estate and God’s gift.  It is an institution which pre-dates the church, as well as an extension of the baptismal life.  This means that marriage is a civil action which the church blesses and celebrates, in order to strengthen the human community.

Since marriage is both a legal and worshipful event, couples are required to adhere to both Pennsylvania law and the practices of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America.  

Couples who wish to celebrate their marriage at St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church must:

·        possess a valid marriage license,

·        complete pre-marital counseling,

·        be an active member, or members, of the congregation,

·        abide by Lutheran liturgical and musical traditions, and

·        abide by all congregational facility usage policies.

The pastor under call to St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church will preside at all marriages celebrated on congregational property.  Couples may, with the pastor of St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church’s permission, invite other clergy to assist or preach at their marriage.

If you would like to speak with Pastor Schneider about marriage, please contact him by e-mail at or by telephone at 717-235-2315. 



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