Pastor's Thursday Noon Discussions

2019 Pastor’s Noon Discussion Group

The Journey from Death to New Life in Christ

2019’s noontime discussion will begin a six unit / yearlong pilgrimage from death to new life in Christ.  Participants will be encouraged to watch a short online presentation and consider some questions prior to meeting for discussion.  The noontime discussion will begin with brief overview of the material and will conclude with an opportunity for questions, comments and hearty discussion.  Participants are encouraged to use their Bibles and Small Catechisms for reference.

Module I

January’s noontime discussion will focus on the nature of humanity and Biblical Law.  We will discuss some ancient and basic questions related to humanity.  Are humans innately good or evil?  What exactly do laws accomplish?  Why is law important?  Do ancient Biblical laws relate to us today?

January 3rd – Human Nature: Are Humans Good or Evil?

January 10th – The Rise of Law: How and Why Do Laws Work?

January 17th – Our Relationship with God: The First Tablet of the Law

January 24th – Our Relationship with Other Humans: The Second Tablet of the Law

January 31st – Ancient Laws in Post-Modern America: How Does Ancient Biblical Law Relate to Us Today?

Module II

March’s noontime discussion will continue an exploration of the Apostles’ Creed.  We will take apart this Baptismal statement of faith piece by piece and explore creation, redemption, and sanctification.  What does it mean to say that God created the cosmos and us in God’s image?  What does it mean to say that God saves?  What does it mean to say that God continually makes us over his God’s likeness?  What parts of the church’s faith are traditionalism (i.e. the dead faith of the living) and what parts are tradition (i.e. the living faith of the dead)?

March 7th – Father: Creator of Heaven and Earth

March 14th – Son: Jesus Christ, God’s Only Son, Our Lord

March 21st – Holy Spirit: Called, Gathered, and Enlightened

March 28th – Ancient Faith in A Post-Modern World: What does it mean to say, “I believe”?

Module III

May’s noontime discussion will be centered on the prayer our Lord taught us.  We will discuss what it means to pray.  What does it mean to address God as “Father”?  Does God hear our prayers?  Does God answer our prayers?

May 2nd – God’s Fatherly Heart: The Presumption of Calling God our Father

May 9th – Law: God Commands Us to Pray

May 16th – Gospel: God Promises to Hear Us

May 23rd – Need: What Are Our Deepest Needs

May 30th – Seek and You Will Find: God Isn’t As Stingy As Our Unbelief May Lead Us To Think

Module IV

July’s noontime discussion will examine the Church’s initiation rite, the sacrament of Holy Baptism.  We will look at the surprising revolutionary roots of Baptism.  Where did Baptism begin?  What does is mean for us?  What does is do?  What makes Baptism a sacrament?  Why was Baptism considered to be a radical act of sedition?  Is Baptism still a revolutionary act today?

July 11th – Ancient Revolutionary Roots: An Act of Sedition

July 18th – Command & Promise: God Uses Both Hands

July 25th – Water & The Word: The Ordinary Made Extraordinary

Module V

September’s noontime discussion will be a close examination the Church’s central act of worship, the sacrament of Holy Communion.  We will discuss Holy Communion.  What are the roots of the sacrament of Holy Communion?  What does it mean to say that God is present in eating and drinking?  What makes this meal special?  Who can partake of this feast?  Why do Lutherans do what they do on Sundays?

September 5th – Rooted in a Mystery: The Continuation of a Resurrection Mystery

September 12th – Command & Promise: God Uses Both Hands

September 19th – Word & Sacrament: The Ordinary Made Extraordinary

September 26th – Worship: Does the Church Have A Specific Form of Worship?

Module VI

November’s noontime discussion will explore the Church’s work.  We will discuss what it means to live a daily Christian life.  What is sin?  What is confession?  Is it important to hear a word of forgiveness?  How do we serve God?  How do we serve our neighbor?

November 7th – Confession & Forgiveness: What Does It Mean to Confess?

November 14th – Serving God: Putting the First Tablet into Action

November 21st – Serving Our Neighbor: Putting the Second Tablet into Action