The Pastor's Desk

Rev. George Schneider

Holy Week 2019

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

 Saint Paul once penned that it is the task of the Christian “to grow up in every way into him who is the head – Christ.”  Saint Paul is fond of speaking in this way about growth in the life of the Church.  In almost every one of his epistles he urges his friends to grow up – to no longer be children – to press on towards maturity of faith.  And to be certain, the same idea of growth recurs frequently in our Lord’s parables.  To those who thought of the Kingdom of God only in terms of spectacular and cataclysmic signs, Christ explained the Kingdom in terms of the quiet, secret growth of the seed.

 Now for people who live close to nature this makes sense, because people who work with seed and soil tend to be quite familiar with the mysterious and almost secret growth of the seed.  They know that there is a certain rhythm to these things and that they can’t be hurried.  We’re a bit different.  We live closer to engineering instead of agriculture.  We expect change and growth in our lives and we expect it yesterday!

 All growth – with the exception of my lawn – tends to be a slow and almost unspectacular affair.  You cannot engineer a crash program to re-grow a forest.  You cannot rush orchids.  You absolutely cannot rush good fruit, because the best fruit is the fruit that ripens slowly.

 So, Saint Paul is dealing with people like us.  Saint Paul is dealing with people who want something more spectacular than the slow growth of faith akin to the mysterious growth of the mustard seed.

 The fifty days of the season of Easter gives us an opportunity to grow in the resurrection faith that has been given to us in Baptism.  Easter gives us a chance to rejoice that Christ has broken the chains of sin and death and has called us to grow in, with and through him.  Easter is a chance to bask in the joy of the empty tomb with the knowledge that we too have been called to follow where our master has gone – from death to life!  And Easter is a time when the Church grows in faith.

 So, tend to the gift of faith that has been graciously given to you.  Seek the light of Christ and the nourishment of Holy Communion during Easter.  And forever seek to grow into Christ who is your head.


  Pastor Schneider+