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Updated 05/09/24
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Sunday 5/12
8 & 10:30am Eucharist
9:15am Choir
9:15am Sunday School

Monday 5/13
11am Feeding America
5pm Stewardship
6pm Finance
7pm Council

Tuesday 5/14
6pm Girl Scouts, Rm A, #1

Wednesday 5/15
11am Feeding America
11:45am Lunch Bunch
1pm Staff Meeting
6pm Cub Scouts, HFLC
7pm Bells

Thursday 5/16
Noon Discussion
6:30pm Girl Scout Leaders, HFLC
8pm AA, Rm B

Friday 5/17
Noon Friday Funday Crop, HFLC

Saturday 5/18
9-1pm Yard Sale
11:30am Lord’s Lunch, HFLC
2:30pm Piano Recital

Sunday 5/19
Sacristan Installation
8 & 10:30am Eucharist
11:30am Coffee Hour, HFLC
5pm Girl Scouts, HFLC


Please Pray for Those Deployed Abroad

Please keep those soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines who have been deployed abroad during these trying times in your prayers. Each week we will remember the loved ones and friends of our congregants in prayer. Currently we are praying for Jonathan Adami, Cody Dennis, and Kyle Troyer. remember to support and lift up the people of Ukraine in prayer. please also pray for Larry Lawson who is in Hungary with his church group assisting Ukrainian refugees. Pray also for Rev. Drahus Olisk. Drahus is a pastor in our synod who is currently volunteering to help with refugee resettlement in Slovakia. If you would like to include a deployed members of our armed forces on the prayer list, please contact the parish office at your earliest convenience.

Passing of the Peace

As we celebrate the Feast of the Resurrection of Our Lord , not only will we sing triumphant hymns and joyously resurrect the Alleluia - which the church "buries" for the forty days and nights of Lent - we will also restore the passing of the peace during worship. Prior to the pandemic, we had a rather joyous tradition of passing the peace that was "buried" by the global health crisis of the COVID pandemic. Be advised that our congregational council is aware that COVID is still circulating through our community during this immediate post-pandemic period and we want to respect those who gather with us who are still observing social distancing protocols for our shared health. So, when we restore the passing the peace, if you do not wish to shake hands or engage in hugging during worship, simply wave, bump elbows, or greet your neighbor with another form of the peace of Christ. Similarly, we are asking congregants to please respect those among us who are still practicing social distancing protocols.



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Monday through Thursday 9am to 3pm - Friday 9am to Noon

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